AusNOG 2018 Programme

Day 1 - Thursday 30th August 2018

8.30 - 5.00Registration
9.20-9.30Welcome to AusNOG
David Hughes - Live Apps
9.30-10.00Internet Noise: A tale of two subnets
Tim Obezuk - Cloudflare
10.00-10.30SP Routing Innovation with Segment Routing, VXLAN and EVPN
Claudiu Captari - Arista Networks
11.00-11.45Subsea for non-physicists
Beatty Lane-Davis
11.45-12.15The Building of Hawaiki Cable
Daniel McKeage - Hawaiki Submarine Cable
12.15-12.45400G - don't get confused with this transceiver generation
Thomas Weible - Flexoptix
1.45-2.15Scalable and Flexible Network Functions using SDN White-Boxes
Vijay Sivaraman - UNSW
2.15-2.45Faucet - Openflow SDN Made Easy
Richard Nelson - WAND
2.45-3.15The Robots are Coming!
Mark Smith
3.45-4.15Simulating Vectored VDSL2 and Industry Code C558
Stefan Keller-Tuberg - nbn
4.15-4.45New Market Evaluation Strategy Guide
Walt Wollny - Hurricane Electric
4.45-5.00Adventures in Open Source Lawful Intercept
Richard Nelson - WAND
5.00-5.30Peering Personals

Day 2 - Friday 31th August 2018

9.00 - 12.30Registration
9.30-10.00Architecting Network Telemetry
Diogo Montagner - Juniper Networks
10.00-10.30Automating the Network using modern tech
Egor Krivosheev - 2degrees
11.00-11.30vBNG: Remove hardware from your NBN RSP service layer - add services
Chris Bull - F5 Networks
11.30-12.00Building and Operating Hybrid-Cloud Networks at Atlassian
Ben McAlary - Atlassian
12.00-12.45Withstanding the Infinite: DDoS Defense in the Terabit Era
Steinthor Bjarnason - Arbor Networks
1.45-2.15The challenges of growing quickly
Phil Britt - Aussie Broadband
2.15-2.45NZ UFB network post 2020
Brendan Ritchie - LightwireBusiness
2.45-3.15IPv6 - how hard can it be?
David Woolley - Telstra
3.45-4.00Shakespeare's Guide To Network Maintenances
Jen Linkova
4.00-4.30Lightning Talks - [Aftab Siddiqui][Mark Smith][Diogo Montagner][Paul Brooks][Binh Lam][Andrew Khoo][Walt Wollny]
4.30-4.40Closing remarks
David Hughes - Live Apps