AusNOG 2017 Programme

Day 1 - Thursday 7th September 2017

8.30 - 5.00Registration
9.20-9.30Welcome to AusNOG
David Hughes - Network Knowledge
9.30-10.00The challenges of building to 121 NBN POIs
Phillip Britt - Aussie Broadband
10.00-10.30Building an ISP in 2017
Andrew Khoo
11.00-11.45The Past, Present, and Future of NTP Operations
Paul Gear - Network Time Foundation
11.45-12.15Inferring Interconnection congestion using Mlab NDT and Paris Traceroute data
Xiaohong Deng - UNSW/CAIDA
12.15-1.00As on a Darkling Plain: Network Survival in an Age of Pervasive DDoS
Steinthor Bjarnason - Arbor Networks
2.00-2.30Choosing an orchestration tool: Ansible and Salt
Ken Wilson - Opengear
2.30-3.00Scalable Enterprise Monitoring with OpenNMS
Tarus Balog - OpenNMS Inc
3.00-3.30Modern network monitoring for the rest of us
Tim Raphael
4.00-4.30Two years of good MANRS - Improving Global Routing Security and Resilience
Aftab Siddiqui - ISOC
4.30-5.00Internet Exchange Etiquette in the Digital Era
Raphael Ho - Equinix
5.00-5.15APNIC Update
Elly Tawhai - APNIC
5.15-5.45Peering Personals

Day 2 - Friday 8th September 2017

9.00 - 12.30Registration
9.30-10.00Scaling Beyond 100G with 400G and 800G Ethernet
Rich Bayliss - Arista Networks
10.00-10.30Protocol Evolution and its Impact on Network Operators
Mark Nottingham
10.30-11.00Look Who's Talking 2
Eric Pinkerton - Hivint
11.30-12.15The Future is Up in the Sky
Jon Brewer - Telco2 Limited
12.15-1.00Build your own version of NetNorad using OpenSource tools
Jose Leitao & Daniel Rodriguez - Facebook
2.00-2.30Some Thoughts on IoT
Geoff Huston - APNIC
2.30-3.00The OTT Challenge
Daryl Collins - Akamai Technologies
3.00-3.30Model Driven Telemetry - Foundation for Big Data Analytics
Rada Stanic - Cisco Systems
4.00-4.30Lightning Talks - [Ben Babich][Gaurab Upadhaya][Renée Harper][Mark Newton]
4.30-4.40Closing remarks
David Hughes - Network Knowledge