AusNOG 2017 Survey results

As part of AusNOG 2017 we asked participants to provide feedback on the event.

For a couple of questions a slider was used and the participant was asked to respond as to whether or not they agreed with a statement relating to the event. The slider was equivalent to the following scale:

  • Strongly disagree
  • Disagree
  • Mildly disagree
  • Neutral
  • Mildly agree
  • Agree
  • Strongly agree

The slider was initially placed in the neutral position and so there may be bias to it as it is not possible to detect if the participant actively selected that value or just ignored the question (and thus it took the default value). In the graph the mean value of the responses is indicated by a thick red line. The orange shaded region represents the standard deviation around that mean value. A thinner black line indicates the median value.

62 individual responses were received.

Q1: How did you find out about AusNOG 2017
A1: (based on 61 responses)

  • 42 Mailing List
  • 15 Friend/Colleague
  • 4 Other

Q2: Where do you live?
A2: (based on 62 responses)
  • 16 Victoria
  • 15 NSW
  • 10 Queensland
  • 6 WA
  • 4 SA
  • 4 New Zealand
  • 3 ACT
  • 2 USA
  • 1 Tasmania
  • 1 Asia

The registration process was easy: Agree

The content of the presentations was appropriate and informative: Agree

The meeting room layout worked well: Agree

The breaks/lunch service worked well: Agree

What time should Day 1 start?

What time should Day 2 start?

What time should Day 2 end?

Should AusNOG 2018 have a Lightning talk session?

Should AusNOG 2018 have a Peering Forum session?

Did you stay at a hotel?

Was it The Langham Melbourne?

If so, how many nights?

Is this your first AusNOG?

Do you plan on attending AusNOG 2018?

Would you recommend AusNOG to others?

Would you attend AusNOG 2019 if it was held in

Would you attend a hackathon if it was held:

In order to offer more tickets should we:

Additionally the following comments were received:
  • Could change to a larger hotel to get more numbers in, but happy with current size.
    As an idea, make the internet access only via IPv6 :-)
  • Early start and earlier finish allows interstate travellers to get flight(s) and then home sooner. This should definitely be considered if a non-east city is hosting.
  • Loved the duck.
  • Excellent as always
  • Too many breaks! Bring on more content!
  • it's a great event. kudos to keeping the signal up after 11 years.
  • As a first timer, I really enjoyed the event. I found the space used for morning/afternoon tea and the social events on Wednesday and Thursday evenings were a bit cramped, which made it difficult to find people I would have liked to meet up with, but that is secondary to the actual conference content. I think the layout of the room was great, with everybody able to see the presentations well.
  • The event could definitely expand to accommodate more people and increase the networking opportunities. Please find a larger venue as the tables are incredibly useful for those that still answer to work while here.
  • Maybe consider selling a small number of social only tickets? A number of people (probably sales staff) seem to take up tickets to only attend the social event.
  • Maybe annex a University during semester break?
  • Excellent conference!
  • Fantastic event guys! Looking forward to next year.
  • Charcoal or navy for the 2018 polo, please!
  • I think you should consider hosting the event on Wednesday/Thursday. Friday is a bitch of a day to travel and you may get a better second day turnout.
  • Great event.
  • I've never attended anything like this and I really enjoyed the experience. I struggle to think of anything I would change about the event however if you have any specific questions you'd like to ask someone new to the event and in all honesty, the industry hit me up on ...
  • My company will happily sponsor the event next year with fast unlimited internet. Contact ...
  • Black shirts please next year. Nobody wants baby blue or purple polos. :)
  • Event should grow by 50-100 people. Try to reduce cost
  • Multiple streams night be another option instead of a larger single room.
  • Remove some of the tables and just have chairs, most people have laptops and to be honest the tables just got in the way.
  • In order to offer more tickets, should we: (o) Change to a hotel with better internet (or a more permissive attitude)!
    In all seriousness - great conference, thanks to you all for your efforts, will be back!
  • I'd like to see less slides contain "walls of words" that presenters simply recite, or graphs that are incredibly hard to comprehend. Consider providing new presenters with suggestions on ways to slicken their presentations. Some material can be very dry and if you look backwards towards the audience, most people are doing emails.
    Would also be great to see an interactive "last man standing" game on internet history for a bit of fun. Thanks.
  • To allow more people to attend, maybe either go with the track option and run multiple sessions, or have less tables to fit more chairs
  • Be great to try to include more academic research to provide less industry biased content. Maybe there's an opportunity to open up 1-2 speaking spots which masters/PhD students can submit their presentation to for peer/community review/vote.
    Really like the presenter feedback.
  • I think keeping the event as a niche for APAC is important and a unique attractor to all other major events in the region.
  • Thanks again, another interesting event!
  • Trying to get a seat at lunch was difficult on both days. This is more an issue with the hotel not having enough seating for the number of people than an issue with the Ausnog organisers.

Speaker Evaluations

The following summary is the average response across all speakers to each question on the speaker evaluation:

  • The speaker provided content that was useful: Agree
  • The technical level of the presentation met my expectations: Agree
  • The speakers presentation skills were engaging: Agree
  • The speaker was knowledgable and experienced: Agree
  • The presentation had a real world orientation: Agree
  • The visual aids were easy to read: Agree
  • The subject matter was relevant to my work: Mildly agree
  • I would be like to see this speaker next year: Mildly agree