AusNOG 2016 Programme

Day 1 - Thursday 1st September 2016

8.30 - 5.00Registration
9.30-9.45Welcome to AusNOG
David Hughes - Network Knowledge
9.45-10.15The Trouble with NAT
Mark Smith
10.15-10.45Genesis of a IPv6-only ISP
Andrew Khoo
11.15-11.45Optical Communications - where Physics beats Standards
Paul Brooks - Trident Subsea Cable
11.45-12.15Data analytics approaches to assist Network & Security Operations
Usen Tulemisov - Cisco Systems
12.15-12.45Rethinking Broadband Performance Comparison using Big Data from M-Lab
Xiaohong Deng - UNSW
1.45-2.15Central orchestration of network infrastructure - devops meets netops
Ken Wilson - Opengear
2.15-2.45Multi-layer path computation
Beatty Lane-Davis - Infinera
2.45-3.15Fixed Point Wireless: Raising the Service Level
Dylan Chidgey - Cirrus Communications
3.45-4.15KSK Rollover Plan
Terry Manderson - ICANN
4.15-4.45Internet Exchanges in Asia Pacific
Katsuyasu Toyama - JPNAP
4.45-5.15Peering Personals

Day 2 - Friday 2nd September 2016

9.00 - 12.30Registration
9.00 - 10.00Coffee and Nibbles
10.00-10.30Untrusting the Network
Aijay Adams - Facebook
10.30-11.00Monitoring and Automation of a Global Network
Tom Paseka - Cloudflare
11.30-12.00Latest Trends in Data Center Optics
Christian Urricariet - Finisar
12.00-12.30Optical Transport Emerging Technologies for Data Center Interconnection (DCI)
Dion Leung - Coriant
1.30-2.00Defending Olympus: Mitigating a Sustained 540gb/sec DDoS Attack Campaign
Tony Scheid - Arbor Networks
2.00-2.30Auto remediation of networking systems failures: Operations Automation - What's the time? Its NETDEV time!
Darin Sikanic - Brocade
2.30-3.00Update on CAIDA spoofer project
Matthew Luckie - CAIDA
3.30-3.45AUSNOG Archaeology - Natural Language Processing and xNOG Mailing Lists
Jamie Horrell - IDC
3.45-4.00APNIC Update: IPv4 waiting list
Elly Tawhai - APNIC
4.00-4.30Lightning Talks - [John Lindsay][John Jones][Craig Russell][Vijay Sivaraman][David Hooton][Zaid Hammoudi][Mark Prior][Mark Prior]
4.30-4.35Closing remarks
David Hughes - Network Knowledge