AusNOG 2019 Programme

Day 1 - Thursday 5th September 2019

8.30 - 5.00Registration
9:00-9:10Welcome to AusNOG
David - Live Apps
9:10-9:40A journey through Google's path to Zero Touch Networking
Phillip Grasso - Google
9:40-10:10TCP and BBR
Geoff Huston - APNIC
10:10-10:40Time series data at scale for the masses
David Hughes - Over the Wire
11:10-11:40Operationalising a Virtual PE
Andrew Harris - Telstra
11:40-12:10BGP Filtering on AS15169 using IRR and Other Data
Jen Linkova - Google
13:10-13:40Model-driven configuration and telemetry using open standards
Ken Wilson - Opengear
13:40-14:10 Fibre to the LAN Party - Building a high performance network for 24 hours
Tim Raphael + Brad Peczka - RFLAN
14:10-14:40Emergence of programmable SmartNICs for the Edge
Rhod Brown - Mellanox
15:10-15:40400G routers are upon us. Is 400G just another bump up the bandwidth chain? Perhaps not.
Beatty Lane Davis - Cisco
15:40-16:40Lightning talks
Various Speakers

Day 2 - Friday 6th September 2019

9.00 - 12.30Registration
9:40-10:10Network telemetry for measuring and enhancing online gaming experience
Vijay Sivaraman - UNSW
10:10-10:40Virtual Lab Provisioning
Qasim Raza - Lumina Networks
10:40-11:10Getting IPv6 Private Addressing Right
Mark Smith
11:40-12:10Automated AI-based Threat Protection for IoT, 5G and CGNAT
Ravi Raj Bhat - A10 Networks
12:10-12:40The Risks and Opportunities of Future Network Architectures
Richard Bayliss - Arista
13:40-14:10Recent BGP Innovations for Operational Challenges
William McCall - NTT
14:10-14:40MPLS/SR deployment experiences in Australia and SRv6 deployment learnings from Japan
Aleksandr Karavanin - Cisco
14:40-15:10Making Edge Cloud a Reality
Prayson Pate - Adva Optical Networking
15:40-16:10CGNAT, IPv6 and the establishment of international POPs, and an update on JEFF
Phil Britt - Aussie BroadBand
16:10-16:20AusNOG 2.0
David Hughes - Live Apps