AusNOG 2015 Programme

Day 1 - Thursday 27th August 2015

8.30 - 5.00Registration
9.30-9.35Welcome to AusNOG
Terry Manderson - ICANN
9.35-9.45APNIC Update
Elly Tawhai - APNIC
9.45-10.15Mapping New Zealand's Broadband Infrastructure
Jamie Horrell - NZRS
10.15-10.45Why you should read RFCs and Internet Drafts (and what you need to know to do so)
Mark Smith
11.15-11.45Lessons from a serial acquirer
Luke Mackinnon - Vocus Communications
11.45-12.15Tips, techniques and tools for remote monitoring (even when the network is down).
Michael Sallaway - Opengear
12.15-1.00Networking the Pacific
Jon Brewer -
2.00-2.30Testing Rolling Roots
Geoff Huston - APNIC
2.30-3.00FFO - fracking fiber optic
Thomas Weible - Flexoptix
3.00-3.30ONE - One Network Engineer
James Paussa - Facebook
4.00-4.30Green Data Centre Techniques
Raphael Ho - Equinix
4.30-5.15Data Retention - who, what, how, and when.
George Fong & Paul Brooks - Internet Australia
5.15-5.45Peering Personals

Day 2 - Friday 28th August 2015

9.00 - 12.30Registration
9.00 - 10.00Coffee and Nibbles
10.00-10.30Applications for externalized control planes
David Lambert - Brocade
10.30-11.00The Australian Wide-Area SDN Testbed
David Wilde - AARNet
11.30-12.30Your Bitcoins or Your Site: An Analysis of the DDoS for Bitcoins (DD4BC) DDoS Extortion Campaign
Roland Dobbins - Arbor Networks
1.30-2.00Advanced Telemetry
Tim Nagy - Juniper Networks
2.00-2.30Big Data Beyond the Buzzword - prescriptive analytics to get real value from analytics
Rajiv Shah - BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
2.30-3.00Are Network Engineers relevant in SDN world? Google's path to Network Systems Engineers.
Phillip Grasso-Nguyen - Google
3.30-4.30Lightning Talks - [Chris Wiren][Usen Tulemisov][Jon Brewer][Mark Prior]
4.30-4.35Closing remarks
David Hughes - Network Knowledge