AusNOG 2024 Sponsorship

For the 2024 Conference, AusNOG has increased the number of sponsorship opportunities and implemented a new application process.  There are 17 opportunities covering numerous price points available, making promotion at AusNOG 2024 open to a wider range of companies.  The new application process will allocate the available opportunities at random to the companies that have applied, removing the "wait-list" concept that has been part of the sponsorship process in the past.

If you would like to be kept up to date on promotional opportunites at AusNOG conferences and the new AusNOG.local smaller events, please sign-up to the email list at the link below

AusNOG Sponsorship Email List

The Sponsorship Proposal for AusNOG 2024 is available at the link below.  Please familiarise yourself with the important dates as application will only be open until 12 April.

AusNOG 2024 Sponsorship Proposal

To apply for a sponsorship opportunity at AusNOG 2024, please complete the form at the link below

AusNOG 2024 Sponsorship Application  -  CLOSED.