Program Committee

The AusNOG 2024 program has been curated by our Program Committe and we thank them for their efforts. The members of the this year's Programme Committee are :


James Di Trapani

James is currently the Manager of Backbone & IP Edge Engineering at Aussie Broadband, focusing on Architecture & Engineering of the AS4764 and AS9268 networks. Hates helicopters.

Jocelyn Bateman

Jocelyn is the Chair of the AusNOG Program Committee. She is a network engineer and works in the Global Interconnection Strategy team for Amazon Web Sevices. Jocelyn is also on the boards of AusNOG, New Zealand Internet Exchange and the Pacific Internet Exchange, as well as Chair of APNIC Routing Security.

Joe Wooller

Does Internet things (more to follow)

Mark Duffell Mark has worked as a Senior Network Engineer for Telstra's Transport & IP Core/Edge Engineering since 2016. He has over 10 years of Internet Service Provider experience and is also an active member of the APRICOT program committee. You'll find Mark in his spare time pursuing running goals, drinking craft-beer or stuck in front of his favourite retro video games.
Michael Hobl Michael is a Network Engineer working primarily in the medium-scale ISP space with a unique appreciation of helicopters.
Phil Mawson I am part of an incredible team, core network operations, at Vocus where I have been employed for over 17 years. Internet routing security is one of my passions and removing RADb entries keeps me happy. In my spare time you can find me trying to continue to perfect the perfect cocktail at home, visiting a local craft brewery or finding the perfect filter coffee beans.