Since 2007, AusNOG has held an annual conference focusing on the operation of service provider networks.  The events are the primary technical conference for network operators in Australia.  AusNOG Conferences are limited to around 250 attendees (depending on the venue) and attract the top network engineers in the country.  Tickets for the events are always in high demand, and the conferences selling out well before the close of registration.  AusNOG conferences attract quality domestic and international speakers and have gained a reputation for being both informative and relevant.  AusNOG is a technical conference with a focus on the operation of large networks and associated infrastructure.  There are no sales or marketing presentations allowed on the programme.
Each AusNOG conference includes the AusNOG Social on the evening between the 2 days of presentations.  The AusNOG Social is a social event aimed to encourage personal and professional networking between the attendees.  Increasing the cooperation between Network Operators in Australia is one of the primary goals of AusNOG.  Encouraging the country's key engineering staff to meet and socialise has had a positive impact on the industry.