Note : Some presentations are unavailable or were witheld by the author. 

Day 1 - 31 August 2009

The PPC-1 Cable System, Brett Worrall / PIPE Networks

Building optical networks with WDM (without burning your fingers), Paul Brooks / Vocus

The Emperor's New Cloud:  An Analysis of the RoK/USA DDoS Attacks.  Roland Dobbins / Arbor Networks


Large Scale Networking for Short Timeframe,  Skeeve Stevens / eintellego

Evolution of Ethernet,  Lincoln Dale / Cisco

Peering Beyond Australia and the MLPA,  Matthew Moyle-Croft / Internode

Layer 2 Wholesale Services for the NBN,  Tim Nagy / Juniper

Beyond SDH - buying and selling Wavelengths,  Paul Brooks / Vocus


Towards a P2P Set-Top-Box Energy-Efficient Architecture,  Guillaume Jourjon / NICTA



Day 2 - 1 September 2009

BGP in 2008 - is the BGP sky really falling?  Geoff Huston / APNIC

Cacheboy CDN: Open Source Content Delivery,  Adrian Chadd / Xenion

Narrow Thin Pipes,  Bill Manning /

Just what are we doing about this IPv6 transition?  Geoff Huston / APNIC


Operational Audit Practice at Google,  Daniel Harrison / Google

IP address and ASN certification to improve routing security, Securing Internet at the routing layer, George Michaelson / APNIC

Whats happening within APNIC, APNIC update,  Elly Tawhai / APNIC

Welcome to your IPv6 enabled transit network,  Nathan Ward / Brainstrust