AusNOG Mailing List Charter
(Ver 201412)

The AusNOG mailing list has been established to provide a forum for
the exchange of technical information, the discussion of specific
implementation issues that require cooperation among internet
infrastructure related service providers (eg ISP/ASP/DC etc), the
discussion of technically focused operational issues, and the discussion
of technical issues relating to provision of internet services and the
various infrastructure related services in the telecommunications

This is NOT a forum for journalists to pick up leads, sales people to
sell things, end-users to pester their ISP, or bush lawyers to posit
their beliefs. Such behaviour will not be tolerated (see "Moderation"

When you post to the AusNOG mailing list any posting made should be
considered as solely being the views of the person making the posting
unless explicitly stated otherwise. You must also remember that any
posting made joins the public domain and is publicly archived, it is
unwise to include any information that would normally require an NDA
of any sort. The responsibility of this vests with the poster.
Note well that while technical matters relating to a commercial or
legal dispute MAY be in scope, details of a commercial or legal nature
are NOT permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, naming the
parties involved or including any details of the individuals employed
by or associated with the parties that are involved in the dispute.

Professional respect:

As a list subscriber, you are required to respect the opinion of
others, even if you disagree with it. Healthy debate on a topic is
good, however personal attacks, name and shame attempts, or flaming
will not be tolerated.

It would be worthwhile for new list subscribers to become familiar
with the posters on the list before jumping in. Some of the list
members have spent many years in their field and are experts.
Their experience is a resource to be valued. Also remember that there
isn't always a direct correlation between the number of posts by a poster
and their expertise level.

Remember that when you post mail to the AusNOG mailing list, your post
will be received by hundreds, or even thousands, of your current and
potential peers, customers, suppliers and employers. Think before
posting - you don't want to look foolish in front of these people as
these are the very people you may need to ask for a job, or a favour,
one day. 

We ask that list subscribers refrain from using derogatory language
towards individuals, companies, or products.


There are indeed a lot of experienced network professionals on the AusNOG
list, however there are also an equal number of people new to the
industry. The list is NOT your personal free 'tech support' list, NOR is
it the place to beat up the naive (see "Professional Respect").

Before you hit send, please ask yourself these questions.

    1. Have I searched the list archives? 
    (hint Google " <query string>"

    2. Have I searched Google or other places broadly?

    3. Does my own team or company, internally, know about this or 
    a fix?

    4. Is this post actually on charter? (Have I read the charter?!?)

    5. Is there a more appropriate forum for this question (vendor 
    or technology specific)?

If after that, you are still stuck, unsure, or simply in the dark 
please construct an intelligent post, being clear as to what your 
problem is, what you have/have not tried, and what you actually 
need to achieve, and with that:

(a) Don't quote 50 lines of text and add one line to it. Quote what is
necessary to maintain context, but don't overdo it;

(b) Keep your signatures and disclaimers short. It's no fun seeing
signatures that are longer than your posts;

(c) Cross posting to multiple lists is discouraged;

(d) Please don't post in HTML format - it tends to annoy people who
read with text mode clients.

(e) Do not post, or continue threads, that are focused on a discussion 
regarding whether something is on or off topic. If you see something 
which should be drawn to someone's attention, please either email 
the moderators ( or the poster privately (off-list).

(d) Deliberately Trolling, or similarly making posts about other peoples 
signatures does not show your professionalism (see Professional respect) 
and is discouraged.

(f) Once the moderators have signalled that a thread is to stop. DO NOT 
! It serves no purpose. If you have a valid 
(operationally related) issue with issuance of the 'STOP THREAD', please 
email the moderators (

Operations lists are often used when it's, whatever "it" is, not working
as you think it should. In these situations please contact contact the
other party directly. If you do discover something of network operational
technical interest please share it with the list through an intelligent
and fact filled post free from finger pointing and non-technical criticism
(see "Professional Respect").

Posting examples:



We are seeing problems with packets to ISP X disappearing into the
ether at A.B.C.D, but only when traversing ISP Y and ISP Z.
This only happens on the waxing moon from a random set of IP addresses.

Has anyone else seen this problem? How did you resolve it?
We have not been able to get in touch with either ISP Y or ISP Z
through the normal channels and I'm not sure they are aware of it.

S. Marty,
AweSome Nets Limited



Can someone from ISP X please contact me off list. You are broken.

A. Dolt,
Dolt Network Services Pty Ltd



Please don't.


Please make sure that if you do use an auto-responder, it's configured
to not auto-respond to list e-mail. If it does, your list membership
will, in all probability, be suspended until it's fixed.


The AusNOG mailing list is reactively moderated - that is to say that
posts will be delivered to members immediately, but if the moderators
see the list being abused the abuser(s) will be asked to refrain from
their activities. If the abuser(s) does not cease, their list
subscription will be set to moderated mode, requiring all future posts
to be moderator approved. Further inappropriate activity may result in
the list member being removed. The AusNOG board reserve the right to
remove posts from the archive that do not follow this charter.
If the board believes a thread does not follow this charter, the board
may request that no more posts to the thread be sent. It is expected that
all subscribers follow this direction.

The moderation is an undertaking of the AusNOG Board of Directors.
Moderators may be appointed at the Board's choosing. AusNOG Pty Ltd and
its directors and associates accept no liability for the events,
ramifications, content, or intent of any posting made to the AusNOG
mailing list, nor accept liability for the moderation of a poster,
removal of a post from archives, removal of posting privileges, or the
removal of subscription rights.

Conditions of List Membership:

By maintaining membership of this List, you agree the following:
AusNOG PTY LTD and all directors, employees, associates,
representatives and agents ("AusNOG Parties")  are not responsible,
and shall have no  liability to you, with respect to any information
or materials posted by others, including but not limited to
defamatory, offensive or illicit material, even material that
violates this Charter.

You agree that your use of the List is entirely at your own risk.
No warranty of any type is given by AusNOG Parties as to the accuracy,
completeness or timeliness of any information provided on the List.
You agree that the List is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis.
You release and forever discharge AusNOG Parties from all loss,
actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, penalties, costs
and expenses however arising that may have or may have had, but
for this release, arising from or in connection with your membership
of the List and/or participation in any List discussions.

You agree that your posts to the mailing list will be in accordance 
with this charter and that your membership of this list can be 
cancelled at the discretion of the AusNOG Board for breaches of 
this charter.

To the extent permitted by law, AusNOG Parties excludes all and any
losses, liabilities, claims, damages, expenses or costs (whether
as a consequence of its negligence or otherwise) , including
indirect or consequential damages, arising in connection with:-

1.)  your use or inability to use the List or the services offered
from time to time therein

2.)  any unauthorised access to or alterations of information provided
by you

3.) your use of any third party websites (including without limitation
those that may be connected by hyperlink to List or postings on the
List or Archive)

4.)  any arrangements entered into with any third party in connection
with any information provided by or in connection with the List

5.)  the inaccuracy, incompleteness or tardiness of any information
supplied through the service

6.) acts or omissions (including if wilful or negligent) of its
moderators and AusNOG Parties

You indemnify AusNOG Parties in respect of any actions, suits,
proceedings, claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, penalties, 
and fines arising as a result of or in connection with your use 
of the List or from your breach of this Charter, or from any 
such acts through your use of the List.

Nothing in this Charter shall exclude or limit AusNOG's Parties liability
that cannot be excluded under law or statute including but not limited
to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth)