The members of the Programme Committee for AusNOG 2022 are :

Belynda Pagram

Belynda has 2 years experience in telco, continuing to broaden her skills in customer facing roles and also in network engineering for Aussie Broadband. Whilst gaining experience and knowledge, she has encouraged and inspired others to develop their networking knowledge whether that be with informal conversations or training curriculum. She loves the challenges that networks bring and the ability to not only keep internet users connected, but also maintain the quality. When she isn't deep in configurations or encouraging and laughing with others, she can be found reading, watching movies or playing video games with her son.


Jocelyn Bateman

My name is Jocelyn. I work for AWS, in Global Interconnection Strategy. My region is Oceania.  I am historically a network Engineer, from a Telco background. To give you an idea of how much history, my CCIE has 4 digits.  I am a massive champion of diversity in our industry. I want to see the best people possible coming into our industry, which to me means supporting all different backgrounds.


Joe Wooller



Does Internet things (more to follow)



Mark Duffell Mark has worked as a Senior Network Engineer for Telstra's Transport IP Core Enterprise Engineering since 2016. He has over 10 years of Internet Service Provider experience. You'll find Mark in his spare time pursuing running goals, drinking craft-beer or stuck in front of his favourite retro video games.