Note : Some presentations are unavailable or were witheld by the author. 

Day 1 (Thursday September 15th).


Speaker Presentation
Peter Ferris, 
 NBN Co 
Engineering for availability
Raphael Ho,
The past and future of cross connects
Tomoya Yoshida,
Japan Network Operation Through The Tsunami
Mat Watkins, 
 Enable Networks
Surviving the Christchurch Earthquake
Dave Ward,
Software-enabled Networking
Terry Manderson,
Resource Certification: The Global Trust Anchor
Tim Nagy,
100GE Overview and Deployments
John King,
Connecting and Migrating to the NBN


Day 2 (Fri September 16th).


Speaker Presentation
Pranav Dharwdkar,
A Network Positioning System
Mark Smith Residential IPv6 CPE - What Not To Do and Other Observations
Michael Bruce,
RBBP Design & Construction Overview
James Evans,
Long Term Evolution - an overview of current deployments, technology and future perspectives
Roland Dobbins,
State of Danger:  Eliminating Excessive State in Network, Application, & Service Architectures as a DDoS Defense Strategy.
Tom Sykes,
NBN Co IPv6 Roadmap
Narelle Clark,
Making the move to IPv6 - how to make 4 = 6 and 6 = 4
Michael Biber,
 IPv6 Forum
Chacteristics of IPv6 that lend themselves to Emergency Services